Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences [Dept. of Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics]

Paul D. Gottlieb

My two main areas of scholarly research are summarized below. Both areas have an active policy audience looking for hard answers on "what works." I seek to provide some of those answers.


I study the effects of large-lot zoning on raw land prices, agricultural preservation, and housing affordability. I am also interested in landscape outcomes that are harder to define, such as fragmentation and urban sprawl.

Here are links to two articles on downzoning and one book chapter on the environment, economics, and regional planning.


I conduct policy analyses of high-tech development for U.S. states and metropolitan areas, paying special attention to tools that might attract or retain young knowledge workers.

A recent journal article aimed at a state-level policy audience may be found HERE. A 2010 study on the life science cluster in New Jersey, conducted under a grant from the US Department of Labor, is summarized HERE.

For additional works on these topics, please click on the link marked "CV."

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